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Tech 4 Good


Ever thought of making your wildest and innovative ideas into a reality? Well, now you can! 

Join Us for Tech 4 Good Challenge 2024!

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The Challenge

How to Enter

Rules and Regulation




Second Runner Up

C1 Sus Track (2nd Runner Up)

Sustainability Track

2nd Runner Up T4G (Mother Hero).jpg

Mother Hero

Project Description

Mother Hero

We aim to develope an AI application, enabling the identification of recyclable items & provide guidances on recycling work. The idea is to create awareness among the people, hence healing the Earth by exercising reduce, reuse & recycle concepts.

Group Members

  • Lai Xuan Yi

  • Wevon Ting Wei Ying

  • Chew Zi Yi

Extra Info

Mother Hero are a group of young innovators from Penang Chinese Girls' Private High School

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