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HRDF Claimable 
Training and Development Programs 

Our Signature Programs 

A picture of ViTrox Campus that represents the HRDF Claimable program, The ViTrox Experience

The ViTrox 

 4 days

伟特自2000年创立后,坚信良好的企业核心价值, 与产品及服务的品质同等重要,因而始终坚守企业 核心价值,并将这些价值贯彻到每一个企业决策 中。

A group of people putting their hands in the centre, which signifies the HRDF Claimable program Leading with Trust

10 Hours

Having a climate of high trust simply brings us closer to people around us — making things work. The course is designed to adapt and accelerate organizational change, on the note of trust cultivation.

The number 1 medal
A women doing presentation, which represents the HRDF Claimable program Effective Presentation

4 Hours

The course is designed to mold the participants into having more stage  presence when it comes to presentation, be it sales presentation, technical  presentation, idea presentation etc.

浙大一带一路_报名_LinkedIn (1).png

 4 days


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On-Going Programs​​​

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