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About Us

Our Background

Established in 2020, ViTrox Academy Sdn Bhd 202001005007 (1361327-U) is an education arm owned by ViTrox Corporation based in Batu Kawan, Penang.

ViTrox Academy focuses on providing pertinent industry-driven technical training programs and soft skills training programs in this fast-moving tech sector.


The foundation of ViTrox Academy is driven by real-world learning experiences and motivated by a lifelong interest in technology innovation and people competencies.


"Being the education arm wholly owned by ViTrox, ViTrox Academy strives to provide equal opportunity for everyone to access industry-centric education programs."

- Mr Chu, ViTrox Corporations Berhad President and CEO.

Our Purpose

To contribute to the advancement of society and wellbeing of humankind through compassionate innovation.


To be the world's most trusted education provider.


To provide industry-centric, inspiring and inclusive education with a strong emphasis on engaging and practical learning environments. We empower our graduates to be competent, compassionate, visionary and entrepreneurial.

Core Value


Integrity means Sincerity, Righteousness, Faithfulness and Honesty. It is about doing the right thing, even if nobody is watching. We treat others fairly, with a sincere heart and the way that we want to be treated.


This is the self-commitment to do the right thing and stand by the decision. We take ownership of a committed task and its outcome, and are willing to take extra steps to achieve a desired result. Accountability makes us a credible person.


We have the strength to face and overcome whatever difficulties we encounter along the way, and are willing to stand in front of everyone during a crisis and say 'I will do it!'. We dare to challenge the status quo, make changes for the better and think out of the box. 

Trust & Respect

We communicate openly and candidly with each other and extend our respect and team spirit to customers, partners, suppliers and the communities in which we live and work. We treat everyone as an individual and, hence, we respect and recognize each individual for their unique talents

Gratitude & Care

Gratitude gives us a positive and wonderful view of life and leads us to actualize our true values. We can dissolve thoughts of fear, self-doubt, worry, anger and depression by having a grateful mind. 

The Way We Teach

Two of ViTrox Academy staff fixing 3D printer for V-Makerspace
Where Real Learning Happens

We wholly believe that hands-on experiences create lifelong impacts. Therefore, we prioritize practical applications by fostering an environment where "real learning happens". 


We are a team of passionate engineers with the motivation and passion to share, mentor, and coach in this Machine Vision manufacturing industry. We prioritize experiential learning in our instructional approaches to make "real learning happens". 

Virtual Plant Tour - Campus 2.0

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