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Tech 4 Good


Ever thought of making your wildest and innovative ideas into a reality? Well, now you can! 

Join Us for Tech 4 Good Challenge 2024!

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The Challenge

How to Enter

Rules and Regulation




First Runner Up

C1 Sus Track (1st Runner Up)

Sustainability Track

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Hin Hua Wissenschaft

Project Description

Hyper Information Attendance System

A system consisting of a card reader linked to a website, H.I.A.S. aims to eliminate repetitive tasks through automation of the attendance process, its primary focus being the continuous updating of attendance records and notifying absentees.

Group Members

  • Philip Lim Jia Quan

  • Tee Ta Yu

  • Goh Cheng Xian

Extra Info

Hin Hua Winssenchaft are a group of young innovators from Hin Hua High School

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