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Tech 4 Good


Ever thought of making your wildest and innovative ideas into a reality? Well, now you can! 

Join Us for Tech 4 Good Challenge 2025!

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The Challenge

How to Enter

Rules and Regulation




Second - Runner Up

C2 Agri Track (Champion)

Agriculture Track

Ninja Seed

Project Description

AgroSeed AI Grow System

The AgroSeed AI Grow System, developed by students of Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, leverages advanced technologies such as computer vision, AI, and renewable energy to optimize seedling growth. This innovative system enhances agricultural productivity, sustainability, and efficiency by automating nutrient management and monitoring crop health to reduce resource waste and mitigate external factors affecting crop yields.

Group Members

  • Seow Shen Yan

  • Ngo Kok Wei

  • Ong Niam Chi

Extra Information

Team Ninja Seed are a group of young innovators from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (Kampar)

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