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Tech 4 Good


Ever thought of making your wildest and innovative ideas into a reality? Well, now you can! 

Join Us for Tech 4 Good Challenge 2024!

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The Challenge

How to Enter

Rules and Regulation




First Runner Up

C2 Agri Track (First Runner Up)

Agriculture Track

First Runner Up T4G (Agri) Wide (4).jpg.jpg


Project Description

IoT-based Smart Vertical Farming System

Lack of space or time for planting? Our IoT-based vertical farming system offers a solution by providing remote control over watering, lighting, and environmental monitoring via the internet while utilizing solar energy as its power source.

Group Members

  • Loi Ming Xun

  • Lim Keng Yang

  • Goh Chan Chew

Extra Info

Team 4035 are a group of young innovators from Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM)

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