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Welcoming the First Batch of V-Apprentice

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

On 9th April 2022 and 7th of May, ViTrox Academy in collaboration with Arus Academy conducted our first batch of the ViTrox-Apprentice program. We hosted 21 students aged 10 to 12 in ViTrox Campus 2.0.

During the first visitation, the students visited our ViTrox Corporation's Gallery, the ViTrox-Makerspace, and also the production floor. Besides, the students also went through a STEM workshop, learning about hardware programming using Micro: Bit through the trainers from Arus Academy.

For the second visitation, the same batch of students came back to undergo a series of fun and engaging English learning activities conducted by certified trainers from ViTrox Academy.

Feel free to watch the videos to see these kids in action!


Thanks again to our program partner Arus Academy

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