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The ViTrox Experience Batch 2

Ng Zhi Wei

17 Dec 2021

The ViTrox Experience is an experiential BMS learning!

ViTrox Academy joyfully celebrates the success of our participants on their completion of The ViTrox Experience entrepreneurship training program!

Our participants from both Batch 1 & 2 of the program visited our humble Campus 2.0 and completed the fifth module last Friday, Unique Corporate Culture. This full-day experiential module was conducted by Ms Su Pek Fuen, the Director of People Culture Department, who shared about our ViTrox’s practices in providing a caring and loving environment for our employees.

We truly believe that a positive and giving culture is the fabric of our organization. It is what drives performance, happiness and engagement. It is a workplace that people are truly passionate about.




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