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Tech 4 Good


Ever thought of making your wildest and innovative ideas into a reality? Well, now you can! 

Join Us for Tech 4 Good Challenge 2024!

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The Challenge

How to Enter

Rules and Regulation





C2 Agri Track (Champion)

Agriculture Track

Champion Tech 4 Good Challenge


Project Description

Smart Agriculture IoT Mesh System

Solar-powered smart agriculture system, with mesh network, AI, and sensors ensure large coverage for effective data monitoring, optimizing resource management, increasing efficiency in irrigation, fertilization, pest control, and achieving cost-effective usage of components for sustainable farming and improved crop quality.

Group Members

  • Ho Joe Ee

  • Soh Wen Kai

  • Goh Ken How

Extra Info

Team 4 are a group of young innovators from Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR)

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